Our CNC plasma table utilizes a 150 amp Kaliburn Proline 2150 HD plasma generator. This allows us superior cutting quality at a speed and capacity that can't be matched by most other cutting processes. With the help of Hypertherm ProNest nesting software we are able to minimize material waste and save you money.

  • 72" W x 144" L Sheet Size Capacity

  • 1.5" Carbon Steel Thickness Capacity

  • 0.75" Stainless Steel Thickness Capacity

  • 0.75" Aluminum Thickness Capacity

  • 0.010" Machine Repeatability



Our CNC table can also utilize an oxy-fuel torch allowing us to further increase the thickness capacity beyond that of our HD plasma. We use the same nesting software for the oxy-fuel process to continue to minimize material waste and processing time.

  • 72" W x 144" L Sheet Size Capacity

  • 6" Carbon Steel Thickness Capacity

  • 0.010" Machine Repeatability



Our CNC waterjet utilizes a 60,000 PSI KMT intensifier pump to deliver extreme accuracy on a large scale. Our machine is capable of cutting virtually any material up to 5.5". Waterjet cutting does not put any heat into the material so there is no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) which makes it great for cutting parts that will be finished on a mill/lathe. Bolt holes conform to no-burn standards when drilling or punching is required.

  • 60" W x 120" L Sheet Size Capacity

  • 5.5" Material Thickness Capacity

  • 0.004" Machine Repeatability



Our 9,600 sq. ft shop has equipment to suit almost any type of welding. With a 10-ton overhead crane we can handle larger more complex fabrication projects as well as help with the design.


  • GMAW

  • FCAW

  • SMAW

  • GTAW

  • SAW



Our Tormach 770M is a compact CNC vertical mill perfect for production, short-runs, one-offs, prototyping, or secondary operations. We can assist with 3D CAD/CAM using Fusion 360 as well.

  • 14" X-Axis

  • 7.5" Y-Axis

  • 13.25" Z-Axis

  • 0.001" Machine Accuracy



Our in-house designed and built CNC plasma pipe coper is perfect for detailing handrails and other copes on small pipe. Utilizing Fusion 360 we can detail, in 3D, your piping and export to g-code ensuring accurate fit-ups and dimensions. Let us save you time by detailing your next handrail job!


  • 2" SCH.40 Max pipe size @ 21'